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  Hello, my name is xxx. XX years old this year, just a year. University of economics is to learn, although it is still hard to learn, the result is not fine school. I am a local Wuhan, but rarely say Wuhan, not strange, I think Mandarin is more a gentleman, ha ha...... Mainly about their basic situation, such as name, age, profession and hometown, you girls can not say that the age of. You can also roughly speak a little bit about college. You can also talk about their own diligence, sureness, progress, sincerity and so on. Look at what you need to say what, try to colloquial, vivid, plus a little smile, this is very important) my interest hobby, too little, billiards, and reading it on 331. I love billiards, you can do after sparring, rookie level is, you win enough. Gobang is less of an outsider, seemingly over the years haven't lost, are interested can learn about. Reading is a part of many people's leisure life, is not to say, but it is not an exaggeration, reading efficiency, really good, can reach the standard of one hundred thousand words for two hours, if you love reading it, and I don't have the efficiency ratio. In fact, the character may be in the interests of the interest, so the first paragraph can not say. Talk about their hobbies more conducive to making friends, you girls generally like to see the United States blockbuster, drama, etc., you can also mention Now just out of the campus, the work is not very understanding, I hope that many of the predecessors pointing. There is nothing in the work done well, I hope a lot of understanding, after all, we are starting from the new. Time really flies, college life is over, and now also on the job, a new starting point, a new start, I would like to work with everyone, for the company to re create brilliant. Wish the business development on the upgrade, you work smoothly. We want to know more about me, can be more exchanges. Thank you. That's all.

  :大家好,我叫xxx。今年xx岁,恰好弱冠之年。大学里学的是经济学专业,虽然还算努力学习,结果还是学业不精。我是本地武汉人,但是很少说武汉话,可不要奇怪,我觉得普通话比较绅士一点,呵呵……(主要讲自己的基本情况,如姓名、年龄、专业和家乡,你们女生可以不说年龄的。也可以粗略地讲一点读大学的感受。还可以说一下自己的勤奋、踏实、上进、诚恳等等性格特征。反正看你需要哪些了就说哪些了,尽量口语化一些,生动形象一些,再加一点微笑,这个很重要)      我的兴趣爱好不多,算少了,就台球、五子棋和看书而已。喜欢台球的,我以后可以你做陪练,水平很菜鸟,包你赢个够。五子棋就不那么外行了,貌似多年来还没有输过,有兴趣的可以切磋一下。看书是很多人的业余生活部分,就不多说了,不过看书效率呢,不是夸张,真的不错,可以达到两小时十万字的标准,如果你是喜欢精读的话,就不用和我比效率了。(实际上性格可能融合在兴趣爱好之中的,所以第一段可以不说。说一下自己的兴趣爱好比较利于交朋友,你们女生一般喜欢看美国大片、韩剧等等,也可以提一提。)      现在刚刚从校园里解放出来,对工作不是很了解,希望前辈们多多指点。在工作中有什么做得不好的地方,希望多多谅解,毕竟大家都是从新人做起的嘛。时间过的真快,大学生活要结束了,现在也走上工作岗位了,新的起点,新的开始,我愿与大家一起努力,为公司再造辉煌。也祝愿公司业务发展蒸蒸日上,大家工作顺顺利利。大家想更多的了解我,以后可以多多交流。谢谢,就这么多吧。

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